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How do we pay for our government

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Q: How do you pay for your government?
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What two levels of government do you pay income tax to?

The Federal government is the level of government we pay income taxes to.

Should the government pay for Medicare?

the government should pay for all citizens that are in need of help

How to get government grant to pay for medical bills?

How can I get government help to pay for medical/dental help?

who can apply for government grants to pay bills?

what is needed to apply for government grants to pay of bills

why are you asked to pay a fee for free Government Grants?

why are you asked to pay afee for free Government Grants

Why do you have income tax?

So that the government has some income to pay for all of the expenses of the government operations.

Who paid the government in ancient Mesopotamia?

The government made people pay taxes for the government.

Does the government pay Muslims to come to this country to organize?

Contrary to many paranoid fantasies. No, the government does not pay people to immigrate.

Who pays for the military?

The government sets the pay for the military, the government pays the military and tax payers fund the government so that they can pay for the military. Keep in mind military members pay taxes as well so they themselves are paying a portion of their own pay checks.

Why is democracy referred to as self government?

People pay for the government themselves.

Do state government pay taxes to the federal government?

Corporate Tax

How does the government pay for the things you have to do?