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Q: The government of the confederation could not pay its debts because it lacked the power to what the states or American citizens?
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How did the articles of confederation take an important step towards the American government?

The articles of confederation was an important step because it was he first constitution of the United States of America.

Why did the American want to change or do away with the articles of confederation government?

The Articles of Confederation was a weak government. Shays Rebellion demonstrated this fact when government authorities could not decide whether the state or the national government should put down the revolt. Larger states wanted to do away with the Articles of Confederation because they thought the central government needed to be stronger while smaller states wanted to keep the Articles of Confederation because they were afraid of having a strong central government.

Why can not government schools celebrated religious festivals?

yes quite because 82% of American citizens are Christian

Why were the Articles of Confederation abandoned?

The Articles of Confederation were discarded because the state government dominated the federal government. The Articles of Confederation did not allow for the federal government to collect taxes.

How can confederation government affect business in Switzerland?

The confederation government of Switzerland creates new jobs because of their 26 canton division.

A government might censor what its citizens see on the internet because the government likely?

does not want citizens to see sources that do not agree with government policies.

To whom did the articles of Confederation grant?

The Article of Confederation gave more power to the state government than the national government because the national government had few power.

Why do you think that the authors of the articles of confederation gave each state equal representation in congress regardless of population?

Because the people were citizens of their STATES, and the States made up the United States under the Articles of Confederation. The Federal government had very little impact on the people.

Which American colony was the first to have a government with elected representatives?


Why did the Articles of Confederation fail as a system of government?

The Articles of Confederation created a loose confederation of 13 independent states with a weak central government instead of creating one united nation with a strong central government like the constitution.

Did you keep the Articles of Confederation?

NO. Because he felt that we needed to write a new plan of government. We had a very week government.

Why was the Confederation Congress too weak?

The Confederation Congress became the legislative branch of government established by the Articles of Confederation. It was too weak because it had insufficient powers to enforce the laws that were passed.