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The constitution protects against xenophobia by guaranteeing equal rights to all people in the United States, regardless of country of origin.

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Q: How does the constitution protect people from xenophobia?
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What do you call the fear of strangers?

Xenophobia No, it is not xenophobia. I don't know the answer, but I do know that xenophobia is the fear of people from another country.

5 reasons why it is not acceptable to label people as foreigners or outsiders...?

NO, it is absolutely NOT! We should simply be classified as "human" rather than according to our race, culture, religious practises, gender, etc! These peoples shouldn't be treated nor labelled any differently for the constitution allows then all human rights as long as they are living within the boundries of the nation!

Are stereotypes and xenophobia the same?

No, stereotypes are oversimplified beliefs about a particular group of people, whereas xenophobia is a fear or hatred of people from different countries or cultures. Xenophobia often stems from stereotypes, but not all stereotypes lead to xenophobia.

What are the main types of xenophobia?

Xenophobia is the fear of something foreign, especially strangers or foreign people. A person with xenophobia is called a xenophobe.

What famous people have xenophobia?


What phobia is the fear Mexicans?

I Think its called xenophobia xenophobia is the fear of people you do don't know

What is the fear of other people?


How did the Soviet Union's written constitution fail to protect it's people's rights?

It wasn't the constitution that failed to protect rights, it's the fact that the government was never based on the constitution and didn't follow it.

How did the constitution protect the American people?

The Eye of The Tiger The Eye of The Tiger

What is the main goals of the Constitution as stated in the Preamble?

To protect the people's rights.

What is main goal of the Constitution as stated in the Preamble?

To protect the people's rights.

What is the main goal of the constitution as state in the preamble?

To protect the people's rights.