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Because the constitution was made for the people by the people so they thought why would the people need to protect their rights from themselves.

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Q: Why did federalists think the bill of rights was unnecessary?
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Who thought a bill of rights was unnecessary since the Constitution was already designed to protect the rights of citizens?


Why didnt the federalist want the bill of rights?

Many federalists simply didn't see the need for a Bill of Rights. They felt the Constitution did a sufficient job in balancing power between the national government and the states. The Bill of Rights was added to appease the anti-federalists.

Why did Some anti federalists agree to support the constitution after the federalists added what?

Bill of Rights

What arguments did the federalists use against having a bill of rights?

The argument of the federalists is that the constitution gave the nationalists the strong national government that had wanted. Federalists felt that the Constitution provided the necessary protection already and the Bill of Rights was unnecessary. Also, the Bill of Rights pointed out rights that the government didnt have, therefore outlining the powers the government didnt have gave the appearance that the government had more powers than it actually did.

What is the difference of anti-federalists and federalists and papers?

federalists wanted the constitution to remainn in its origanal state without the bill of rights. anti federalists wanted the bill of rights

True or false Federalists were in favor of a Bill or Rights?

FALSE! They did not favor a Bill of Rights because they did not think it was necessary for a strong federal government.

How did the federalists get the anti federalists to sign the Constitution?

They included the Bill of Rights.

Why did the federalists promise to attach a bill of rights to the Constitution and what amendments did this include?

The federalists promised to attach a bill of rights because the anti-federalists were writing series of papers like the federalists and by attaching the bill of rights the anti-federalists no longer had an argument. Which means the federalists won and were able to keep the constitution. They were the first ten amendments to the constitution.

What were the issues upon which the Federalists and Anti Federalists disagreed?

The main issue that the federalists and anti-federalists disagreed upon was the Bill of Rights. The federalists believed that the people should just have the constitution, however the anti-federalists believed in making a bill of rights so the people could see what there rights were.

The was the lasting legacy of the Anti-Federalists.?

the Bill of Rights

Are federalists for the Bill of Rights?

Heck maybe!

Who pushed for the Bill of Rights?

Madison, the president