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Q: How has the white house staff evolved over time?
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Who was the first president to use the term White House on presidential stationery?

Possibly James Madison. The "Executive Mansion" was burned by the British during the war of 1812, and after the war was over, it was painted white to cover smoke damage. Madison was president at the time, and may have dubbed it "The White House", but it is equally likely people just began popularly calling it that.

What are some reasons for debate over staff influence?

Staff influence can be seen as both good and bad depending on the circumstances and who is having the discussion. Some reasons for debate over staff influence include examples of staff using their power for their own gain or to the determinant of others in an unjust manner.

Can any flag other than the American flag be flown over he white house or congress?

No as the U.S house of congress is a American state building only the The U.S flag can fly there.

How much money does a us senator get to run there office and staff?

Form one report I seen they seem to get over 2 million a year for their staff.

Does the White House have a basketball court?

Yes, he does, but it is not just his-- it was built for any president to use. Since a president needs security and privacy, the White House grounds provide a private court (it's not inside the White House itself; it's outside, near the presidential swimming pool). The presidential basketball court has been used by a number of presidents over the past several decades, as well as by their friends and families.

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Which key member of the white house office is considered to have the most influence over the president?

The Chief of Staff

What are the advantages and disadvantages of White House staff?

Advantages of White House staff include their expertise and experience, which can contribute to efficient decision-making and policy implementation. They also serve as trusted advisors to the president, providing valuable insights on various issues. However, disadvantages can arise from potential conflicts of interest or lack of accountability, as staff members may prioritize personal or political agendas over the best interests of the public. Additionally, an overreliance on staff advice can limit diverse perspectives and undermine democratic decision-making processes.

How many cooks work in the white house?

The White House keeps five full-time chefs on staff. They sometimes prepare dinner for as many as 140 guests, and they have the capacity to prepare enough hors d'oeuvre to serve over 1,000 people.

What is the duration of Gabriel Over the White House?

The duration of Gabriel Over the White House is 1.43 hours.

When was Gabriel Over the White House created?

Gabriel Over the White House was created on 1933-03-31.

Who has control over the White House?

the president does

Who presides over the White House?

the president...

Why did Google Earth rename White House Barack Obama's White House It has always been The White House?

because barak obama thinks that he can rename the white house. even though it has been the white house for over 100 years.. :l

What is the nerve center of the White House?

Probably the West Wing. Each President picks his/her own staff, which become the President’s closest advisors and usually have offices in the White House. (West Wing) Their titles do not always indicate the function they perform for the Chief Executive--assistant to the President; special consultant; counselor; etc. The titles vary from one administration to the next but in general, the men and women who hold the offices oversee the political and policy interests of the President. As part of a personal staff, they do not have to be confirmed by the Senate and they can be hired and fired at will. There are two ways to organize the staff: the circular method in which several assistants report directly to the President; and the pyramid method in which most assistants report through a hierarchy to a chief of staff who then deals with the President. Over the years, the White House staff has become an important group of advisors to the President and at times, are very powerful in influence.

What is a Speaker of the White House?

Do you mean the Speaker of the House (of Representatives)? The Speaker of the House is the elected leader (elected by the members of the House of Representatives) who presides over the House sessions, appoints committees and committee chairs, etc. The Speaker is generally of the political party with the majority of representatives, although that is not a requirement. The Speaker stands for re-election by their constituents in their home district just like any other representative. The White House staff includes a Communications Director, and Press Secretary who serve as assistants to the President. They are often referred to as a "Spokesman" for the White House.

What do they do with the flag that has been flown over the White House?

They take the flag down and sell it in the white house gift shop !

What flags can be flown over the White House?

51 flags, all the states and the American flag