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Form one report I seen they seem to get over 2 million a year for their staff.

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Q: How much money does a us senator get to run there office and staff?
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How much tax money does California get back from the federal government?

"How much tax money does California get back from the federal government?" is the question in my mind too. I did ask Senator Babara Boxer's office by web comment at her web page, got no answer.

How much money does a senator make in a month?

About 450 monthly!

How much money does a state senator make in 2008?

1 cent

How much money does an Alaska state senator earn?

50 dollars an hour

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How much money did a ancient roman senator earn?

Roman senators did not get paid anything.

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How much money does an senator make?

A U.S. senator's annual salary is $174,000 as of 2021. In addition to their salary, senators also receive benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, and allowances to cover office and travel expenses.

How much money should you give to a staff member getting married?

75-100 dollars

How much money does the president have?

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