How large is a region?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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"Region" is a very general term. A region can be as small as a city block or neighborhood or as large as a multi-national area such as "southeast Asia" or the "Amazon watershed", depending on what is being discussed.

A region is merely an area that has some common characteristic that is relevant to whatever is being discussed at the moment.

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Q: How large is a region?
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Large plain region in Paraguay are called?

the gran chaco is the large plain region in parauguay

Is a region a small or large place?

a region would just be a surface or an area around something. So it can be large or big it depends on what region your talking about. Like my face can be a region or your state can be a region

What was the region of large Southern Plantations called?

The region of LARGE southern plantations was called the "Black Belt"

Is Europe a region?

yes, a very large political region

Where is the Banana region?

The Banana region is a large area in Queensland, Australia.

Do you favor election of senators at large or by region?


Where is the large desert region in Africa?


What is a large region that has common features that set it apart from other areas?

hoenn region and kanto

What is landform region?

a landform region is a large area of land that has a major characteristic throughout its area.

How region is different from place?

a place is in a region, regions are large areas with many places inside.

What country in this region has large oil reserves?

Saudi Arabia has the largest oil reserves in the region.

The region without a large water boundary is called?

The region without a large water boundary is called a landlocked region.