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A president's term of office is four years, and the same for the vice president.

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Q: How long do people in the executive branch federal level serve?
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Who is head of the executive branch in the federal level?

The President of the United States is the head of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

Is governor in the executive branch or not?

State wise it would be yes. but on a federal level no.

In America the fills the role of the executive at the national level of government?

The federal executive branch is headed by the President of the US.

What is the different between a mayor and a governor?

There are three branches of govt (executive, judicial, and legislative) and three levels (federal, state, and local). A governor is the head of the executive branch for state level government, and the mayor is basically the head of the executive branch at the local level.

Is the governor part of the executive branch?

The Governor, similar to the President at the Federal Level, is the chief executive of a state government. State Governments in this manner are the same as they are required to be "republican in nature".

What branch of government decides if someone breaks a law on the state level?

Regardless of it being local, state, or federal level, the enforcement of ALL laws is vested in the Executive Branch.

Who represents each branch of government at the federal level?

executive- president legislative - house of representatives judicial - judges

What branch of government can call forth the militia?

The governor of the state is the primary branch but the Dept. Of Defense can have a unit or division activated on a federal level.

Which branch can accept or reject appointments made by the executive branch?

The Upper House of the Legislative Branch (aka US Senate) can reject any high level appointment of the president such as a federal judge, ambassador or cabinet member. (The president is allowed to make certain lower level appointment without approval )

Who are other people in the executive branch?

There are more than 1.4 million other people in the executive branch. The heads of departments are the cabinet secretaries, plus some other cabinet level officials.

Who reviews the nominations of high ranking federal officials but not of personal aides to the president and lower level appointments in the executive branch?

The senate

What included the executive branch?