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The average 100 dollar bill stays in circulation 5-10 years, if not in use up to 20.

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Q: How long does a hundred dollar bill stay in circulation?
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How long does a ten dollar bill last in circulation?

On average about 20 months.

How long is a ten dollar bill?

6 inches

How long is a us ten dollar bill in inches?

6.14 inches long

Who is on the american one dollar coin?

Lots of people. There's Susan B. Anthony, for one; Sacagawea is another, and then there's the presidential series, which has sequentially featured the presidents of the US (in order). The presidential series has recently been cancelled due to the US mint realizing that it doesn't really matter who's on the coin, the US public HATES them and doesn't use them (and probably never will, as long as the one dollar bill remains in circulation).

How many 1934 twenty dollar federal reserve notes are still in circulation?

Well, there are probably very very very few still in circulation. There are many obstacles an old dolalr bill has to survive in order to still be around today. One is that it must survive being circulated for 80 some-odd years! Unless it was sitting in a collection or a bank for that long, which means that the condition of it will probably be great! Also, it must survive the collector! When a lot of money collectors find an old bill in circulation, they usually pull it out and put it in their collection. The bill also has to survive the feds. annual buring of bills, because they just get to wrinkly and torn. Your best bet to find one is in a coin store, flea market, or the bank. I you choose to go to the bank in hopes of finding an old bill, go to a bank that's been around for quite a while for obvious reasons. Or, you could just hope one pops up when you shop! Hope this helped.