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It takes one year for the federal government to prepare a budget.

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October 1 to September 30

-Sullivan North High

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Q: How long does it take the federal government to prepare a budget?
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What was the long range goal of the omnibus act of 1993?

balance the federal budget

What is the government doing to prepare for 2012?

since the entire year of 2012 is long past, it is impossible to do anything to prepare for it.

How long has the Australian government been the government?

1901 is when the present federal government got started

How long has the Australian government been there?

1901 is when the present federal government got started

What does congress pass to fund government agencies during long budget negotiations?

continuing resolution

How did Jefferson change the federal government?

1)Decreased the size of the government. 2)Cut the federal budget 3)Repealed Whiskey Tax 4)Judaical Review

What changes did the republicans bring to the federal government?

Long Dong Silver and Ramboner :)

How big is the dollar bill?

6 inches long due to government budget cuts. The dollar vill was 6.2 inches long.

What were some of the effects of the New Deal on African Americans?

It preserved capitalism It increased the power of the federal government. It created a long-lasting social safety net.

What are the steps in the state of Florida budget process?

The Florida budget is a 12 month process. First the governor and the Office of Policy and Budget plan for long term expenditures and budget requests from the legislature. Then state agencies prepare their budget requests, and plan the internal operating budget. Next the governor and legislature review and revise the budgets, and finally the governor signs the approved budgets into law.

What can states do to federal laws?

A state can create laws that are stricter than federal law, as long as there is no conflict, or the Constitution specifically reserves the right to the Federal government.

For how long did the Constitution forbid the federal government from interfering with the slave trade?

the answer is 10 years