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continuing resolution

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Q: What does congress pass to fund government agencies during long budget negotiations?
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Which action does the executive branch take as part of the government spending process?

Executive Branch Agencies plan their fiscal budgets for the year.

How is the federal budget determined?

The federal budget is determined after all the agencies submit their requests to the Congress. At that point the Congress submits the budget as a bill and attempts to pass it.

Who has to approve the budget of the government?


Who authorizes the spending after the office of management and budget?

After the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the spending must be authorized by Congress through the budget appropriation process. Congress reviews and approves funding levels for various government programs and agencies through the passage of appropriations bills.

Who has to approve of the budget of the us government?


Who has to approve the budget of the U.S government?


Who has to approve the budget of the US government?


What are four important support agencies in Congress?

There are approximately four important support agencies in Congress. The support agencies are the Congressional Budget Office, Congressional Research Service, General Accountability Office, and the Technology Assessment Office.

What two major tools does Congress have to influence decision making in federal agencies?

New legislation and the budget are the two major tools Congress has to influence decision making in federal agencies.

Who makes the budget for the government?

The US Congress creates the budget and then submits it for approval to the President.

What branch of the government oversees the Library of Congress?

The Legislative branch, commonly known as Congress, which comprises the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives, oversees the Library of Congress. The Legislative branch is that part of the government responsible for making laws, establishing the budget for all U.S. government agencies and projects, and appropriating money for the military and special programs.

What branch of government may refuse the president's budget?