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The executive branch makes suggestions on the budget, but Congress has control over it.

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Q: Which branch of the US government has power over the US budget?
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Powers maintained by the executive branch over the legislative and judicial branches include?

The executive branch of government has the power to veto bills proposed by the legislative branch. The executive branch of government has the power to overturn laws and rulings made within the judicial branch of government as well!

The executive prepares the budget and has veto power over ordinances in which model of government?

strong mayor

How do each branch of government have power over another?

Type your answer here... Because they talk over economic problems.

What keeps any one branch of government from gainig too much power?

The Checks and Balances set up by the United States Constitution. Each branch has power(s) over the others that keep them from gaining too much control over the government.

Why it have three branch in government?

There are three branches of government to evenly divide the power. They didn't want any one group to have power over all the U.S.

What branch of government has the most power?

all three branches are powerful but the executive branch has the most power

The Senate has the power to confirm presidential appointments to the Supreme Court. This is an example of what principle of US government?

Checks and balances. The Executive branch has power over (checks the power of) the Judiciary branch by way of choosing who to appoint. The Legislative branch has power over (keeps in check) the Judiciary branch by way of choosing whether to confirm the appointments. The Legislative Branch also has power over (keeps in check) the Executive branch because the appointments to the Supreme Court require their approval.

What power does the legislative branch have over the executive branch?

The president has no power over the legislative.

A system of checks and balances?

gives each branch of the national government some power over the others

Why did the government proposed by the constitutional convention employ multiples checks on each branch?

Our system of Checks and Balances was set up in order to assure that no one branch of the government had more power than any other branch. The system of "Checks and Balances" is in our Constitution so that one branch of the government cannot take precedent over the others. It is there so the Executive Branch (president and cabinet) can't have power over the Judicial Branch (Supreme Court) or the Legislative Branch (Congress-House and Senate). It protects the American citizens from an take over of the government by one branch or another.

Executive checks and balances?

The Executive Branch of government has more power over foreign policy than over domestic policy.

Did separation of powers means that one person or branch of government never has all the power over the citizens?

yes it does.