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a presidents term in office could last up to 4 years.

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president James Madison, the 4th president, served from March 4, 1809 to March 3, 1817 (8 years)

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years they severd in the presidency

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Q: How long were presidents in office?
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How Long can a presidents be a Office?

Two terms or ten years.

How long is the term of office?

For what office? Congressmen, Senators and Presidents all have different terms of office

How long does it take to be in office?

The term of office for US presidents is 4 years. I hope that is what you want to know.

How long us presidents take office?

they can serve a maximum of two four year terms

How long do ex vice presidents get secret service protection?

Six months after leaving office.

What office drafts the presidents version of the federal budget?

White House Office of Management and Budget is the office that sends the presidents budget to Congress.

What room is the presidents office located in?

The Oval Office

Presidents office is called?

The President's office is called the Oval Office.

What is the term limit on re election?

Presidents can stay in office for two terms but senators can stay in office as long As they want if they keep getting re-elected.

How many presidents in office?


How do presidents get into office?

he gets elected

What percent of presidents have died in office?

Eight presidents have died in office. Obama is our 44th president. 8/44 = 18 percent.