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The term of office for the U.S. president has always been four years. However , on January 13, 1933 the 20th amendment took effect and moved the inauguration date up from March 4 to January 20. Therefore , Franklin Roosevelt's first term which began on March 4, 1933 ended on January 20, 1936 and so was short of four years.

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There was no limit on the how many years a president could serve. The 22nd Amendment (limiting a president to two terms) was passed in 1951.

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Q: How long were the terms of office in 1933 for US president?
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How long can a president be in office?

Two terms or ten years.

Who long is a US president in office?

A president serves for at most 2 four-year terms.

How long can a president remain in office for an why?

In the United States, a president is able to have two terms in office. Each term lasts for four years.

Does the president of Kenya have a certain amount of terms?

No. As long as his party retains power, the president's length of office is indefinite.

How long could a US President stay in office in the 1800s?

For as many terms as they were elected.

How long is a Presidental term of office?

The President of the United States has a 4 year term of office and is permitted to serve a maximum of 2 terms.

How long is a term of office and how many terms can the president serve?

10 years - 1 day

How long is a vice president's term?

A Vice president's term is four years for one term. Like the President, They can have up to two terms in office.

How long can a president of US be in office?

The current limit is eight years (two terms of four years each).

How long did president rosevelt serve?

President Theodore Roosevelt served two terms in office from September 14, 1901, to March 4, 1909.

How long can the Kenyan President stay in office?

The Kenyan President can serve a maximum of two five-year terms in office according to the constitution.

How long does the democratic republic of Congo president stay in office?

The president is elected to five-year terms. The next scheduled presidential election is in 2011.