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About 48% of the colonies were Scottish and/or Irish so the majority fighting were Scottish and Irish.

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48% is, by definition, not the majority.

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Q: How many Scottish and Irish fought in the revolutionary war?
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How many of the signers of the constitution were Scottish or of Scottish decent?

Just about all of them. The Scots and Irish have contributed a great deal to the foundation of the United States. Over 3/4 of the troops in the Civil War were Irish recruited straight off the ships into NY. Many presidents have been of Irish/Scottish decent. Andrew Jackson's family was an immigrant family from Ireland. His father and brother both died in the Revolutionary War. JFK was from a long line of Boston Irish and there have been others.

Who did the patriots fight with in war?

The Patriots fought with many ethnic groups that migrated from their native countries for reasons like religion persecution, bad government and economy, or many others. irish,scottish, german, native americans, african-americans, and the patriots fought against the loyalist.

How many battles were fought in SC during the revolutionary war?


How many battles were fought in the in New York in the revolutionary war?


Why did slaves fight in the revolutionary war?

Many African Slaves fought in the Revolutionary War because they were forced to do so. Others fought for a chance of freedom and equality among men.

What state was the last battle of the revolutionary war fought in?

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What state was the last battle of the revolutionary war fought?

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How many Irish Americans served in the civil war?

There were 150,000 Irish that fought against the conferacy in the Civil war

How many battles did George Washington particapate in in the revolutionary war?

He fought nine and wonthree

How many battles of the Revolutionary War were fought in all? this website shoul tell you

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First of all, there are many Scottish accents that are very different to each other and there are also many Irish accents that are very different to each other. It would impossible and only a matter of opinion at to which of these many accents is the coolest, so there is no answer to the question.

How many foreign soldiers fought in American Civil War?

An accurate number is not known, but many were English, French, Dutch and Hungarian . A Scottish Regiment fought in kilts.