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An accurate number is not known, but many were English, French, Dutch and Hungarian . A Scottish Regiment fought in kilts.

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Q: How many foreign soldiers fought in American Civil War?
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Description of the Buffalo Soldiers?

Buffalo Soldiers were a Calvary of African American soldiers who fought in the Civil War.

What was the name of one of the soldiers that fought on the American Civil War?


How many buffalo soldiers fought in the civil war?

The answer ranges to 1 and 600. Hope the answer helps. 0 Buffalo Soldiers fought in the Civil War. 180,000 Color Troops fought in the Civil War

Did soldiers fight in the Civil War?

Yes, soldiers fought in the Civil War. Sadly, that is the fact of war.

How many soldiers were sent into the battle of the Civil War?

The Union side was 2,100,000 men strong and the Confederate side was 1,064,000 strong. All together, 3,164,000 soldiers fought in the American Civil War.

Who were the American alien during the American Civil War?

Not all soldiers fighting in the Civil War were Americans; they included English, French, Dutch and Hungarian, as well as a Scottish Regiment that fought in kilts.

Who were some of the soldiers that fought in the civil war?


How many soldiers fought during the civil war?

3.5-4 million soldiers

How Many Soldiers Fought for The Union in the civil war?

there were about 2.1 million soldiers in the union

How many soldiers fought for south during the civil war?

Billions or trillions of soldiers fought in the war around the world. :p

Which of these statements is not trueJapanese soldiers fought for the Americans during the Revolutionary War.Chinese soldiers fought for the Union Army in the Civil War.Filipino soldiers fought for the U.S. in the Battle of New Orleans in 1815?

Japanese soldiers fought for the Americans during the Revolutionary War.

What were the names of the soldiers who fought for the north in the civil war?