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Q: How many constitutions have been written for New York what is the date of the current constitution and how many amendments do each of them have?
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When was Texas Constitution written?

we have had many constitutions in the past but the current constitution was written in 1876

One main differnece between the US Constitution and state constitutions is that state constitutions?

State constitutions are much longer than the US constitution.The main reason that state constitutions have a greater length is that they deal with more specifics where as the US Constitution is a framework of government. The US Supreme court deals through its interpretations the specifics of the laws. An example is in the amendments. The Texas constitution is amended through rewriting the parts that need to be change while the US constitution has addenda, like the first ten amendments. D. Are much longer

What document are the amendments written in?

The U.S. Constitution is the document that states the amendments.

Did the Romans write down their constitution?

The Romans did not have a written constitutions. They only had written codes of law.

What font was the constitution written in?

The constitutions font is written in yo mama fool

How many amendments have been written to the constitution since it was written?

Seventeen more amendments have been added.

Did the Romans write their constitution?

The Romans did not have a written constitutions. They only had written codes of law.

Do written and unwritten constitutions exist in reality?

unwritten constitution exists in

Is the US Constitution the oldest and shortest of all written national constitutions?


Is the us constitution the oldest and shortest of the written national constitutions?


What are the written changes to the constitution called?

an amendment

In what form were the bill of rights written into the Constitution?