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Q: In what form were the bill of rights written into the Constitution?
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Why was the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution?

To outline the rights of individuals. When the constitution was written the individual colonies were asked to ratify it and so give up their independence and form the United States. Since a war for independence had just been fought, the colonies had concerns that the new federal government could become tyrannical and take away the freedoms they had fought so hard to win. The Bill of Rights was added to the constitution to make it more palatable and remove some of the fears about losing states rights. Even the states that were willing to ratify the constitution without the rights listed were happy to see them spelled out .

How did the founding fathers form a government that was strong and accountable to the people?

An answer lacking details: they had many long and arduous debates that lasted for months, culminating in the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. The Constitution took so long to ratify because many people feared a strong central government would make state governments obsolete, that there was no Bill of Rights when every state constitution had one and that the Constitution was too vague(Elastic Clause). People against the Constitution were Anti-Federalists. So there were 2 big compromises: the Great Compromise of 1787 and the 3/5 Compromise. A Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution later on during the debates.

Does japan Have A Bill Rights In There COnstitution?

Yes, it contains 103 articles and was made on November 3, 1946.

What is unique about rhode island?

Rhode Island did not provide representation to assist in framing that document. They sat out the Constitutional Convention in protest insisting that a Bill of Rights and some form of protection for small states had to be included before they would be a party to the proposed Constitution. They got their way with a bi-cameral Legislature where the small states were equals in the upper house and assurances that a Bill of Rights was to be added to the Constitution. They ratified the US Constitution and joined the United States on 29 May 1790.

Why didn't the anti-federalists like the constitution?

The Anti-Federalists did not like the U.S. Constitution in its original form because they thought it gave too much power to the Federal Government. They wanted the states to have more power.

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What do most state Constitution include?

The majority of state constitutions include some form of a bill of rights. Typically, they mirror the rights found in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.

What is the possessive form of Bill of Rights?

The plural form is Bill of Rights.The plural possessive form is bill of rights'.Example:All members are required be familiar with our bill of rights' content.

Which amendment protects the rigts which might not necessarily be written into the constitution or the bill of rights?

There is a clause written before the Bill of Rights which basically states in modern english, that the following rights are yours and cannot be taken away, but it does not necessarily mean these the only rights you have. This was done to insure that a) people would not confuse the Bill of Rights as a form of oppression and b) later amendments that guaranteed rights could be added to the Constitution.

What are some connections between bill of rights and the American revolution?

The Bill of Rights came in the ratification of the constitution and the constitution was needed to form a government after the revolution.

What is a major factor leading to the ratification of the constitution?

Many of the most important states would not ratify the United States Constitution until the Bill of Rights was written. They were not happy with the original form of the Constitution.

Where did the constitution and charter of rights and freedoms happen?

I am not sure if you are asking about the Canadian charter of rights. They form the first part of the constitution act in 1982. They replaced the Bill of Rights of 1960.

How did the resolve the Constitution when it did not have Civil liberties?

Civil liberties were added, in the form of the Bill of Rights.

What was the role of the first continental congress?

To establish a government, write the bill of rights and the constitution. Vote on the constitution and form a country.

Why was the US established?

When the United States became an independent country, we wanted to be different from a Kingdom. The Articles of Confederation were created to serve the purpose of our current Constitution. However, the articles of confederation were extremely weak and did not provide strong government. The constitution was written to have a stronger government. A few years after the constitution was established, the Bill of Rights was added to the constitution in the form of the first ten amendments. The Bill of Rights protected rights of all people.

What document explains the form of government used in the unites states?

The Constitution

In what form was the bill of rights written into the Constitution?

As amendments

What was included in most state constitutions that guaranteed protection of individual liberties based upon common law?

a form of the Bill of Rights.