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The Bill of Rights came in the ratification of the constitution and the constitution was needed to form a government after the revolution.

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Q: What are some connections between bill of rights and the American revolution?
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How did Cuban Revolution affect the us?

Read up on Simon Bolivar. Bolivar is responsible for freeing South America from Spanish rule and was influenced by his time in France with Napoleon and the French Republic. The French Revolution has many connections to the American Revolution one of which is the Declarations of Rights of Man and of the Citizen.

Did Robespierre support the American Revolution or not and why?

Robespierre DID support the American revolution. It was partly the American revolution that inspired him. Many French soldiers also fought in the American revolution. As for why; Robespierre belived that everyone should be equal and have rights, including the people in America. He always had his client's (for he was a lawyer) human rights as his best interests, so he belived strongly in the American revolution.

Most new state constitutions after the American revolution offered what sort of declarations?

After the American Revolution the new states constitutions included declarations of rights also known as bill of rights. The US Constitution also includes a bill of rights.

Most new state constitutions after the American revolution?

included a Declaration of Rights

What was the plan of government adopted by the continental congress after the American revolution?

bill of rights

Do rights sometimes have to be fought for?

More often than not, yes. Hence, the American Revolution.

The principles of the American revolution and the french revolution are similar in many ways?

Both supported equal rights for women. ~Answer given by Kristen M.T.

How did the Enlightenment philosophies impact the American Revolution?

It motivated the colonists to unite and stand up for their rights.

How did shays's rebellion use language of the American revolution?

they sought their rights under the Articles of Confederation

How did shays rebellion use the language of the American revolution?

they sought their rights under the Articles of Confederation

Did the American and the French Revolution support equal rights for women?

No, it was hardly a consideration open for debate.

How did the English Bill of Rights affect the American Revolution?

it tells them our freedom and independence!