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according to Michelle B. Bernard about 1/3 of those were slave owners including two of the three writers of the declaration, Thomas Jefferson who owned over 150 slaves, and ben Franklin who only owned 2 but those were house servants who he promptly let go and took up the task of abolitionism. Thomas Jefferson also freed his slaves at death but the financial situation of debt he left led to the acquisition of his estate so it is hard to say how many went free.

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about 1/3 of them were slave owners including 2 out of the three writers: thomas Jefferson who owned over 150 slave. he gave them freedom at his death bed but sinse he was in such deep debt his estate was acquired so it is hard to tell how many were. Ben Franklin the second owned two house servants but he soon liberated that and became one of the fervid founding members of the Pennsylvania Abolition movement

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It is said that 1/3 of the founding fathers were slave owners.

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Q: How many founding fathers were slave owners?
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Liberal religious belief held by many of the Founding Fathers that stressed rationalism?


Were all of the founding fathers white?

No. You have to consider what the meaning of "founding fathers" are. Founding something requires laying fundamental building blocks. All of our founding fathers were not white, because many different people are responsible for the development of The United States. An example would be Greece. They qualify as a founding father for The United States. They were the first culture to install democracy into their culture after winner battles Salamis and Marathon. Our country used their method of democracy to establish government. Another example of America's founding fahers were the slaves. Slaves were the main income for agriculture. Agriculture was the fundamental building to America's Industrial Revolution. Look into the history books of our country. The founding fathers are in the pages of books. You just have to look for them. The true founding fathers of this nation were just not men signing documentation, they have definded the world we see around us each and everyday. I hope that answers your question.

Many founding fathers feared losing individual rights to the government?

true nikka from sheridan hi

Why did the founding fathers not abolish slavery?

The founding fathers of the United States did not abolish slavery right away because it was something that they found useful. There were many slaves working in state houses in Pennsylvania at the time the Declaration of Independence was signed. Many families had slaves to do the cooking and cleaning in the northern states.

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What was most of the founding fathers' political and economic status?

Most of the US's founding fathers were rather wealthy. They tended to be political figures and some had a military background. Many of the founding fathers in the South, like Washington and Jefferson were slave owners as well. Each of them were aware that their responsibilities were crucial as they were designing a new form of government.

How many Founding Fathers were there?

There were 74 delegates/founding fathers at the constitutional convention

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Did virignia use slave labor?

Yes, Virginia was a slave state. Many of the Founding Fathers, or the Virginia Dynasty (Washington, Jefferson, Monroe etc.) employed slaves to work their crops.

How many founding fathers were catholic?


What are the two competing visions of the founding fathers?

The founding fathers believed in liberty for all, yet many "owned" slaves.

If Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers to have done what?

He was one of the founding fathers, meaning he was one of the many who founded the united states.

How many founding fathers spoke Hebrew?

Zero. Some of the founding fathers may have studied Hebrew in college, but none were able to speak it.

How many slave- owners lived in the south?

about 90%-95% were slave owners living in the south

Why did the founding fathers allow slavery to continue?

Most of them had slaves and were dependent on them. Incorrect. Only 3 of the 7 founding fathers were slave owners. There were 7 founding fathers of the US Constitution: Franklin, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Jay, Madison, and Hamilton. 3 were slave owners (Washington, Jefferson, and Madison all from Virginia). 3 were not (Adams, Jay, and Hamilton) In fact they were adamantly against slavery. Franklin became an abolitionist after the Constitutional Convention in 1785 and freed both his slaves. The founding fathers from Virgina (later a confederate state) were pro-slavery. The others from New York or Massachusettes were against slavery. This initial philosophical contradiction during the founding of the US wasn't resolved until 80 years later during the US Civil War.

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Why did the Founding Fathers create the Freemasons?

They didn't create Freemasonry. However, many of the founding fathers were Freemasons. Freemasons date well before the United States.