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Q: How many people wrote Ohio's constitution?
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How many people wrote constitution of India?


Who were the 5 people who wrote the Constitution?

MANY more than 5 persons helped write the US Constitution.

How many votes were needed to pass the constitution?

There were thirteen colonies at the time. They wrote that Nine out of Thirteen had to agree to the constitution for it to go into effect.

Why has James Madison been referred to as the father of the US Constitution?

Madison, wrote the Virginia Plan, the basis for the U.S. Constitution, he wrote 29 of the 85 Federalsit papers, political-advertisement for the Constitution,and he wrote the Bill of Rights, which protects our rights.

How many women wrote the US Constitution?

None ~ look to the link below for a list .

Who were the people to write the decloration of independence?

Timothy Matlack physically wrote the constitution, but Thomas Jefferson is credited as being the main author. Many of the signers were also Freemasons.

Who wrote the Canadian constitution?

The Canadian Constitution was written by many members of the Canadian Parliament. It was called the British North America Act of 1967.

Many people opposed to ratification of the Constitution because it laked what?

It lacked a Bill of Rights. The constitution was for the people. As needs change the people needed rights to amend the Constitution.

How many federalist papers were there?

There were a total of 85 Federalist Papers published to encourage people to ratify the US Constitution. John Jay wrote five of them.

Who wrote of constitution?

I assume you are asking about the U.S. Constitution, and who wrote it; lots of people wrote about the Constitution once it had been created and signed in 1787. The Constitution was created by a group of men, former British colonists, who are sometimes called the "Framers" because they came up with the ideas and then crafted (or framed) the Constitution; some sources also call them the "Founding Fathers," since they founded the original laws and doctrines used by Americans even today. The best-known of the founders included James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Samuel Adams and, John Hancock. Many historians believe that James Madison was the chief writer-- he provided the model for what became the American constitution. And Thomas Jefferson wrote the document called the Declaration of Independence.

How many people sighned the constitution?

28 people signed it

Who wrote java software?

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