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None. Until 1789 there was no US government and that is when the constitution was signed and Washington became President.

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Q: How many people were president before the constitution?
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How many people were president before bill cilinton?

There were 40 people who were President before Clinton. Clinton is usually labeled as the 42nd president, but that figure counts Cleveland twice.

What did many people want added to the constitution before they would approve?

A bill of rights

What is the original source of many of the president's powers?

The Constitution.

How many changes or amendmentsare there to the constitution?

how many the president/government says we can have

What did so many people want added to the Constitution before they would approve it Apex?

The people wanted "A bill of rights" - apex

How many years can the president serve where is it in the constitution?

ten years

How times can a US president be re-elected?

They can only be reelected once. This restriction appears in the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution. Before this amendment was ratified, there was no limit on how many terms a president could be elected to serve.

How many terms was the president limited to when the constitution was originally written?

as many as he wanted

What did Obama do before he wanted to be president?

he did many things....he worked for his community.......honored people.....and he did things that allowed him to soon become president.

How many people have been president of the united states before 2009?

42 people have been president of the United States before 2009. (Note, Grover Cleveland had 2 non-consecutive Presidential terms.)

Who was president when the constitution was ratified?

There was none. The country was just declaring itself as an entity separate from England and was establishing the very process that would eventually result in the election of the first president, George Washington.

How were the articles and the Constitution were similar?

· They were established by the same people· Both were the official government of the United States· Both were the laws of the United States government· Both called the nation the United States of America