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Only two presidents have been impeached. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton

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what about Nixon and Trump
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Two. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Although both were impeached, neither was convicted by the Senate, so neither one was removed from office.

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ONLY two presidents in our country's history that have been impeached were both were members of the Democratic Party. They were Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

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Q: How many presidents were ever impeached?
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2 presidents ever impeached?

Andrew JohnsonBill Clinton(Richard Nixon resigned before he could be impeached)

Has any presidents ever been impeached from office?

6 mouths

How many presidents have been impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate?

No US presidents have been impeached and convicted and so removed from office.

How many presidents got impeached in your history?


How presidents were impeached?


Who are the presidents that are impeached or in the process of being impeached?

Andrew Johnson and Clinton.

Who was the only president to be impeached?

Two presidents were impeached: Andrew Johnson and William Clinton (Bill Clinton).

Who are the presidents that been impeached or are in the prosses of being impeached?

Andrew Johnson, and Bill Clinton

What two presidents have been impeached but not convicted?

William Jefferson Clinton. The first was Andrew Johnson. The are the only two to be impeached, and no President has ever been convicted by the Senate.

President who was impeached during his tenure?

No presidents have actually been removed from office, and impeachment papers were only ever brought against two presidents - Andrew Jackson and Bill Clinton.

How many presidents have been convicted on impeachment charges?

None. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton are the only Presidents to have been impeached. Both were acquitted President Nixon resigned August 9, 1974 before the Senate could vote on his impeachment

Which two Presidents were impeached in the 19th and 20th Centuries?

Two U.S. Presidents have been impeached, Andrew Johnson, and Bill Clinton. Johnson and Clinton were acquitted at trial. From Wikipedia.