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Q: How many registered voters by party affiliation are there in the US?
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What is a voter turnout?

It is how many voters came to the polls and to cast votes. It is usually a percentage of the registered voters. If there are 1000 registered voters and 150 vote, that is 15% and is a light turnout. If 900 vote, it is 90% and a heavy turnout.

Do party labels inform voters?

To some degree they do. Party members almost always have the same views on many issues, so voters can at least infer some of the views a candidate holds. You have to be careful, though, just because someone belongs to a certain party does not necessarily mean that the person holds all of the same views as the party. You have to find out what the views of the individual candidates are regardless of the party they are in.

What are 3 types of gerrymandering?

1)Packing- ramming many voters of one party into a district to dilute their votes in other districts. 2) Cracking-tearing up swear pockets of party voters to dilute their votes in that district. 3) Stacking-merging 2 districts of the same party to force incumbents to run against each other.

In can independents and registered party members vote in the party primary?

It depends on what state (and what office)? Laws vary state by state usually determined by what the parties decide. On the presidential level, independents can currently vote in 33 states in the (Democratic) Primary (there's a few states, e.g. California, where it's open in one party and closed in the other) and closed in 17. In Idaho, the Republican Party is trying to close down a primary that has been open for many years and independents (led by the Committee for A Unified Independent Party ( and the Amnerican Independent Movement of Idaho intervened on the suit and won the right for the first time for independents who are not a party to be party to a suit of this kind). And there are several states (e.g. Kentucky) where legislation has recently been introduced to open the primaries).

Why did the democrats win easily in the presidential election of 1912?

The Republican Party was divided when Theodore Roosevelt left to join the Progressive Party ticket, and many voters were attracted to Wilson's reform package.

Related questions

How many registered voters in Alaska?

According to a survey done in 2010, there are a total of 489,960 registered voters in the state of Alaska. This includes nine groups of voters, The Alaskan Independence Party, the Alaskan Democratic Party, the Alaskan Libertarian Party, the Alaskan Republican Party, the Green Party of Alaska, the Republican Moderate Party, Inc., the Veteran's Party of Alaska, Nonpartisan voters and Undeclared voters.

How many registered Republicans in Texas?

There are over 9000 registered Democrats in the state of Texas (2006)

How many members are in the American independent party?

As of January 2012, there are 428,560 voters registered with the AIP in California.

How many registered Republican voters are in Delaware?

There are 183,301 registered Republican voters in Delaware.

How many Wisconsin registered voters are there?

3,400,000 voters

How many members are there in the libertarian party?

there are more than 250,000 registered voters (in all 50 states)

How many registered voters in Delaware?

As of 2021, Delaware has approximately 1 million registered voters.

How many registered voters are there in Houston?

This might help:in 2008 there were 12,752,417 registered voters in Texas.

How many registered voters?

there are more than 250,000 registered voters (in all 50 states)

How many registered voters in Oregon?

in 2004 there were about 2,049,000 registered voters in Oregon

How many registered voters are there in New Jersey?

There are 9,000,000 voters

How many registered voters are in Georgia?

In 2012 Georgia had 5,804,812 registered voters. Of those registered voters, only 3,900,050 turned out to vote in the 2012 Presidential election.