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Who were the loyalists in colonial America

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Q: How many starts were on the flag before George Washington became President?
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What job did Washington have before he became president?

George Washington was a planter, a surveyor, and general of the army before he became president.

What did George Washington do before any other president?

became president

What did George Washington become before he became a president?

The governer of Texas.

What jobs did George Washington have before he became president?

Before George Washington was President he was the top general in the Continental Army. George Washington was a farmer and surveyor.

Was George Washington king of England before he became your first president?

No, he was not the King of England before he became our first President.

Was George Washington a planter before he became president?

Yes - he was a prosperous landowner

What had George Washington done before the became the first president?

Owned a brewery.

Before George Washington became president of the United States what was he?

Washington started out as a planter but before he became president he was Major General and Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army in the revolution.

What are some of George Washington's accomplishments before he became president?

He was a general in the revolutionary war.

Which presidents on Mount Rushmore were surveyors?

George Washington was a surveyor before he became president.

What was George Washington's job before he became a president?

A farmer, a surveyor and a military officer.

What was George Washington's objective before he became a president?

he chopped down trees for a living

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