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Q: How many terms did sam Houston serve?
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Who is the only Governor to serve two terms?

Sam Houston

How many years did Sam Houston serve as the Texas President?

Two terms for a total of five years.

Did sam Houston get hurt in the Alamo?

Houston did not serve at the Alamo.

What years did SAm Houston serve as president?


What two states did Sam Houston serve as governor?

Tennessee and Texas.

Who was the only person to serve twice as a president in the republic of Texas?

Sam Houston

Who is Sam Houston Parents?

his mom was elizabeth paxton and his dad was samuel houston

Why could Sam Houston not run for president again when his first term ended?

Sam Houston was never US President, but he was the first and third president of the Republic of Texas, US Senator when Texas joined the US, and ultimately Governor of Texas. He did not serve consecutive terms as president, because the Constitution of the Republic of Texas prohibited that.

How many sisters did Sam Houston have?

Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas, had four sisters and four brothers.

What Tennessee political leader is the only person to serve as governor of two different states?

Sam Houston

Facts about sam Houston?

Houston is named after Sam Houston

How many siblings does Sam Houston have?