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Q: How many times has Martial Law Government come in the country?
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How many times martial law government come in Pakistan?

3 time

In which country would you come across the martial art of Wushu?

Wushu is a Chinese martial arts.

What country did carbon come from?

Carbon is an element that filled the air around the world for 99% in the beginning of times. Therefore it doesn't come from a country.

Does the government pay Muslims to come to this country to organize?

Contrary to many paranoid fantasies. No, the government does not pay people to immigrate.

Which Country has come last in Eurovision the most?

Norway, 10 times.

Why did Americans come to desire a strong central government during independence?

it beause if you have strong government that mean you can do many things for your country

Will the government of this country ever be exposed for the fraud it is?

well eventually people will come to there senses and notice what he is

What is the worst approach to martial arts of all times A way of using and creating martial arts?

Tamerlan Kuzgov took useless elements of various martial arts, elements that do not work in his personal experience and invented the mixed martial art. Its code name is Hardfight. The worst approach to create and use a martial art means a way of making a useless or ineffective martial art. Because his approach is to take only useless, ineffective elements from various martial arts to create and use a martial art, then Hardfight is the worst approach ever created. It's a truth because you can't come up with a worse approach than that.

An appeal of a court martial decision would come before the?

If an individual decided to appeal a court-martial, it would come before the Court of Military Appeals. It is a civilian court made up of three judges.

What justification would you advance for government intervention in a mixed economy?

This is to enable the government to empower the home industries and increase the purchasing power if its citizens in the country. This enable more investors to come on board and invest in the country

Who takes care of government property and supplies?

Which country's government??? Please try to remember that your country (wherever you live) is not the ONLY country in the world and that the people that answer your questions may come from anywhere. We therefore can not answer questions unless they are specific. Take the time to make your questions specific and then we will answer them for you.

Did mixed martial arts come from China?

Mixed martial arts is exactly that, a mixture of martial art styles and techniques. MMA practitioners use both Asian arts of all types, with particular focus on Brazilian JuJutsu and boxing.