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The ideas of self government originally came from England.

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Q: Where did the ideas of self-government come from?
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What discribed how territories gain the right to selfgovernment and statehood?

the constitution

When people pass laws that everyone can agree on?

It's Easy the answer is SELFGOVERNMENT

Why were colonists on the road to selfgovernment?

the colonist made many laws that were new ideas at the time. colonists demanded rights that the english thought were almost rebellious! with laws protecting freedom of speech colonists were building a system of government that represent the people

What act provided for the gradual development of selfgovernment in the northwest territory?

The Land Ordinance of 1785

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What was the effect of America's distance from Britain and the growth of colonial selfgovernment?

It led to gradual development of a colonial sense of independence years before the Revolution.

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