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In the United States, a president is elected to a term of four years, and may be elected to two such terms. The legal limit is 10 years, not 8 as often but erroneously supposed. A President may serve as many as (but not more than) two years of a previous President's term and subsequently be elected to two full terms of his own. These restrictions are imposed by Section 1 of the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Other applicable areas of law concerning presidential succession are set forth in Article I, Section 1, Clause 6 of the Constitution, and by the 25th Amendment (see Related links, below, for more information).

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Presidents can serve a 4 year term and a second term of another 4 years for a total of 8 years.

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Q: How many years can you serve in presidential office?
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How many months is a US president in office?

The presidential term is for 48 months (4 years). A person can serve as president for only two consecutive terms.

How many consecutive years can the us president serve in office?

Ten years.

How many years in office does a president serve in Paraguay?


How many years does a US president serve in one-term?

One full presidential term is 4 years.

How many terms can a president serve in the White House?

A president can serve two presidential terms of four years. Altogether, he/she can serve eight years as president.

How many years did Truman serve in office?

president for 1945-1953

How many years does presidential term lasts?

4 years and you can be reellected to serve another four but that's it.

How many terms of office ma a Vice-President serve?

4 years

How many years does Malaysian pm serve in one term office?


How many years does a presidential term last And how many total terms can he or she serve?

a president can only be elected twice and each one lasts 4 years

How many years can a president serve In the US?

A US president may serve up to two terms of four years each, for a total maximum of 8 years in office.

How many years did President ford serve in office?

Term of Office: August 9, 1974 - January 20, 1977