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2 trillion

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Q: How much federal income tax was collected in 2006?
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How much of the federal government income comes from individual income tax?

According to the 2013 breakdown of the United State's income from taxes, about 47% of the governmentâ??s operating funds comes from individual tax returns. An additional 34% is gained from payroll taxes. The smallest percentage, a mere 10%, comes from corporate taxes.

Federal tax less progressive than ever before?

Are you asking if Federal Tax is more or less progressive than previously, the answer is that it is much more progressive than ever. People with lower incomes not only pay no income tax but actually receive large refunds of tax that they never paid to start with. A person who is single made about $15,000 income with two or three children can receive a refund of $10,000 or more without paying any income tax at all during the year. This is after receiving several type of welfare, food stamps, free housing, payment assistance on their schooling, utilities, etc.

Who established the federal income tax?

It is allowed by the Constitution. Essentially the system to enforce and handle the Tax Laws themselves - were passed after much debate and discussion by the elected members of Congress and signed by the President. They still make changes to it, very frequently, under the same process.

How much does the federal government contribute to PBS?

50 milliom

How were states rights protected?

State rights gave the states some power to decide on certain regulations instead of giving the Federal government all the power to control all the regulations. Some people think that by giving the states some power then the federal government wont have too much power to become dictator like or monarchy and stuff like that. Or tyranny which is the use of unjust power.

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How much federal personal income tax was collected in 2006?

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How much federal income tax was collected in 2008?

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How much federal personal income tax was collected in 2008?

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How much will you pay in federal taxes?

If I retire and my income is $4500. a month, how much federal income tax will I pay?

How much income tax collected in India in last year?


How much federal income tax do is owed on 750000 income?


What income tax do you pay on 9600?

How much federal income tax is paid on $9600.00

How much does each state pay in Federal income taxes?

as much as they wont.... =)

How much taxes do you pay on the interest from a 12 month CD?

If your federal marginal income tax rate is 15 % and you have 1000 of interest income for the year on the 12 month CD the federal income tax amount would be 150 of federal income tax on the 1000 of interest income.

How much money did the Federal government collect for its income tax during the US Civil War?

During the US Civil War, the Federal government made many efforts to raise funds to pay for the war. For the first time in US history the government passed a progressive income tax. During the war years they collected $55 million.

How much income tax revenue do the Australian government spend on supporting aged care?

In 2006‑07 the Federal Government spent $48 billion on health and aged care.

A federal income tax is?

A Federal income tax table is a chart that lays out the tax rates for different levels of income. It is designed to help US taxpayers determine how much they will owe in taxes in a given year.