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However much their owners gave them, although some were expected to grow some of their food for themselves.

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Q: How much food did the slaves get?
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How much food and drink were the slaves given on the slave ships?

They were given very little food , usually none.

How much food did slavse get?

some slaves were given a small amount of food a day by the owners others were forced to find their own food

What did plantation slaves get?

Slaves were given clothes, shelter and food.

What was the reward for building the pyramids?

There was no reward. The builders were not slaves, but there wasn't much reward. The most reward would be food. :)

Where do slaves get there food?

from poo

What are a slaves needs?


How much would you get paid for a roman job?

They where payed with food if they hwre poor or slaves and if they where a little wealthy they got coins

What were the privileges of slaves in Egypt?


What did they feed slaves?

How did Aaron Anthony feed his slaves.

What was one goal of the freedmens bureau?

To provide food,clothing,and medical to former slaves

What did the black slaves eat?

food of course!

Who prepared Alexander the Great's food?

His slaves.