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5 million acres. fair fax county.

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Q: How much land did Lord Fairfax own?
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How much do you have to make a week to live on your own?

well it all depends on how horny ur land lord is

What does demense?

land that a medieval lord kept for his own use, as opposed to the land which he gave to others

What is a lord's demesne?

The lord's demesne is the land associated with a manor he has retained for his own personal use, as opposed to land he has alienated for use by other people.

What was the land kept by feudal lord for own use called?


Can you keep your horse trailer on your own land without planning permission?

If you are renting your land it would be best to ask the land lord wether you can put your horse trailer on it.If you own the land you can.

Why did Lord Berkeley look for New Jersey?

Because the Duke of York gave them the land as their own. Because the Duke of York gave them the land as their own.

How did the Events of George Washintons childhood play a part in his coreer choice?

George Washington's father died, so he spent time with his mother or his older brother who owned a farm. He ended up spending a lot of time at his brother's, but his brother was busy tending to his own concerns, so George spent a lot of time by himself. He took up practicing how to do land surveying of his brother's land. Lord Fairfax happened to see George one day, doing surveying, and asked George to go survey his lands beyond the mountains. George said yes, and went off to do surveying of the uncharted lands. But he actually did few drawings, because he was so mesmerized by all he saw and the friendly Native Americans he met. However, he had practiced surveying enough that this became his first occupation. Note: George Washington's brother was married to the daughter of another Fairfax, the brother of the Lord. George spent a lot of time with Lord Fairfax, who had many books. So Lord Fairfax was George's mentor. They remained friends throughout their lives.

Is it illegal to own a chicken in Fairfax?

No! Silly why would it!?!?!?:P

What are the classes of land?

There were three classes of land on a manor. The demesne was the land used by the lord for his own purposes. The dependent holdings were used by serfs in exchange for part of the crop or labor for the lord. The free peasant land was used by the peasants, who paid rent on it.

How much property did Lord Lucan own?

Lord Lucan was a Was a British lord. His disappearance and death remains a mystery, When his estate was auctioned off to pay debts owed, it was estimated the estate was worth over six hundred thousand pounds, including personal property and land holdings.

Role of a lord in a feudal society?

the lords role in society is to give out pieces of land they own to vassals (knights) who return the lord protection and service for that land

What were some jobs of a villein?

A villein was a peasant who worked on a lord's estate. Their jobs included farming the land, tending to livestock, maintaining the lord's property, and performing other tasks as required by the lord. Villeins typically had to work a certain number of days on the lord's land in exchange for the right to farm a portion of the land for their own sustenance.