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Isac brauman was 4 years old

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Q: How old was Isac Brauman when he was shot?
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What religion was Isac brauman?

i think he was Jewish

What year was isac brauman dead?

Sometime around 1941 as he entered the ghetto, both Isi and Isac were shot upon arrival into the ghetto.

What isac brauman sister and brother name?

Yes, his name is Isi Brauman. He is 3 years older than Isac.

What did Isi Brauman born in 1937 during the Holocaust like to do Had a brother named Isac was taken to a camp in 1941 had a mother and a father who also were taken to one of these camps in 1941 along?

Isi Brauman was born in 1934 and Isac was born in 1937. Their parents are Ana and Abram Brauman. They never imigrated but were taken to the ghetto on December 13, 1941. They were never taken to a concentration camp. They were directly taken to the ghetto and shot.

Why was isi brauman shot?

Because they did not like his religion

How old is Isac Elliot?

Finnish singer Isac Elliot is 17 years old (born December 16, 2000).

Why did Isi Brauman die?

Isi Brauman died because the Germans didn't believe in isi's religion

How old was isi brauman when he died?

most likely when he was seven...but no one really knows what happened to isi and his family

Did Isi Brauman die during the Holocaust?

No one knows anything about Isac and his family after the Germans occupied Liepaja on June 29th 1941. He had a older brother, named Isi. At that time the Germans occupied Liepaja, Isac was 4, and Isi was 7.No traces of what happend to their family have ever been found.Here, read the whole thing on this link; if you are curious about his brother; more: Did_Isi_Brauman_die_during_the_Holocaust

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What age did Isi Brauman die?


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