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Q: How slavery become a state rights issue in 1850?
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Was John Rutledge in favor of the Bill of Rights?

No, because since his state (South Carolina) favored slavery and the rights that the "Bill Of Rights," state. So why would he and his state want to be against it? So my recently stated answer is, NO.

Which South Carolina senator supported slavery state's rights and nullification?

John C. Calhoun

Is antifederalists were the first promoters of states rights an issue still relevant today?

Yes, states' rights is an important issue to this day. You can see the tension between the federal government and state governments with the move to legalize marijuana at the state level.

How might Abraham Lincolns victory in the election of 1860 lead to future problems?

Many people in the north wanted no part of slavery anywhere in the country. Southerners wanted slavery because they thought it helped production of crops etc. There are contrasting beliefs. Abraham Lincoln was from the North and a proponent of Federal rights and powers to limit slavery. The southern states wanted strong state powers and rights and weaker federal powers and rights. Slavery was a States Right issue and the federal government should not interfere. The northern states wanted the exact opposite, strong federal powers and rights and weaker state powers and rights. The right of the Federal government to abolish Slavery should trump any so-called States Rights. So the southern states voted to secede from or leave the United States also know as the Union. The US Civil War was thus started.

What were some major issues of debate while the constitution was being developed?

One issue that was very important to the constitutional delegates involved how strong the Federal government should be. Another crucial issue was how to determine the number of representatives each state would have in the Legislature.

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What were the social causes of the civil war?

state rights over the issue of withdrawal from the union and the issue of slavery

What issue did the south claim states rights on?

Slavery. "State's Rights" is code language for "We want to own people of color".

What are the two problems that led to the civil war?

There are two main issue of the time and those were "State Rights" and "the moral issue of Slavery"... but they are pretty much interconnected because states believed they had a right to make its own laws dealing with slavery and the federal government had no rights in dealing with this issue within the state.

Was Kentucky against slavery or for slavery during the Civil War?

It was a Northern State that was pro slavery and anti Confederacy. It did not view the civil war as a slave issue. It considered the civil war a states rights issue.

Why did slavery become a major national issue in 1850?

the issue of slavery became important again in 1850. At that time, california requested to join the union as a free state.

In what compromise did California become a free state and the Southwest territories would decide the slavery issue?

The compromise of 1850

Why did slavery cause fierce struggle between the South and the North?

Slavery was a states rights issue. The essential problem was if a state had the right to allow slavery when the federal government states it is illegal. We are still arguing the issue today. For Lincoln it was an issue of keeping the union together. Slavery wasn't so much the cause but a emotional and political response of where the power of the federal government stops and the state begins.

When did slavery became a major issue in the US?

Slavery became a larger issue in light of the Civil War starting to begin. However, slavery did not start the Civil War. That came about through many different issues with the economy and state's rights. Slavery was the straw to break the camel's back really.

Do Civil war issues that still exist today?

The issue of state's rights is still debated by historians and polititians today. The issue of slavery however is not a factor. Slavery was abolished in the US when the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution was adopted.

Why did the confederate states of America seceded from the US?

The essential question was a states rights question about if the federal government had the right to outlaw slavery or if it was a state issue. Even today, we are still having the same discussion concerning state rights. It isn't over slavery, but over other issues like abortion. The subject has changed, but not the argument over federal/ state rights.

Was The Civil War was started on the issue of slavery?

Not really. The main issue was State's Rights. That is, a state's right to govern themselves over the federal government. Slavery was a key issue, but not the sole cause. A series of laws unpopular with southern states caused them to get fed up and secede; starting with South Carolina and many others following suit.

What caused the south to leave the union?

Slavery was the straw that broke the camel's back. It 'pushed the envelope' of the already heated issue of State's Rights- The South held State's Rights (such as choosing whether or not to allow slavery) above national unity, so they succeeded from the union.