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how was the political process usedto pass the legislation of the indian cicil rights act of 1968

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Q: How was the political process used to pass the legislation of the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968?
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What legislation established the collective rights of groups in Canada?

The Indian act, the numbered treaties , the Canadian constitution and the Manitoba act.

What were Gandhi's political and social activities?

Protesting to gain Indian rights from Great Britain

How would you explain the difference between civil and political rights?

Civil rights refer to the basic rights and freedoms that protect individuals from discrimination based on characteristics like race, gender, or religion. Political rights, on the other hand, relate to participation in the political process, such as the right to vote or run for office. In essence, civil rights guarantee equality and protection under the law, while political rights enable individuals to have a voice in shaping that law.

John F Kennedy played down civil rights legislation?

John F. Kennedy did prioritize civil rights in his presidency, although he faced challenges in getting legislation passed due to the political climate at the time. While he did face criticism for not pushing for civil rights legislation more forcefully, he did take important steps to support the cause, such as ordering the desegregation of federal facilities and supporting the March on Washington.

Why was president Johnson at an advantage over president kennedy in passing civil rights legislation?

He was from the deep south, and had many political allies who were movers and shakers.

Why did they have the women rights convention?

Women felt excluded from the political process, and had learned how to agitate from the Abolitionists.

How can an individual protect her rights and participate in the political process?

By being well informed and voting.

What 2 written documents guarantee the right of a fair judicial process?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights guarantee the right to a fair judicial process.

Why is legislation important in upholding and protecting the rights of both employer and employee?

why is legislation important in upholding and protecting the rights of both employer and employee?

What significant civil rights legislation did the federal government pass in 1990?

The civil rights legislation that passed in 1990 was the Americans with Disabilities Act.

What rights did an Indian woman?

none of these Indian woman had little rights. One of their rights was education.

What is the constitutional rights?

It is the rights embodied in the Constitution and that these rights cannot be changed or repelled by Congress through legislation.