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According to most recent opinion polls that evaluate the performance of Congress, the answer would be "poorly". It has not always been so.

If "pro" is the opposite of "con", then "progress" is the opposite of "Congress".

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The leaders of the American Government are so far removed from the ordinary man that The only way they can come close is as a result of the avice of avisors. the people just don't come close.

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Q: How well does the American national government represent the interests of ordinary citizens?
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What are consuls?

They are an official appointed by a government to reside in a foreign country and represent his or her government's commercial interests and assist its citizens there. They do not have the legal or diplomatic status of an ambassador.

What does a government represent?

The citizens of the nation.

What represent territories and citizens in government?

My dick

How can a government truly represent all of its citizens?

The Congress is meant to represent the people.

How is a government effective?

Government is most effective when it acts in the best interests of the greatest number of its citizens.

What is represenitive government?


What is a system where people elect their own leaders to represent them?

A democracy is a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them.

What is the role of citizens in a Republican gvernment?

The role of citizens in a republican government is to decide who shall represent them. This makes the people not give up their voice in government.

Citizens in the US elect other citizens to make decisions about laws. What kind of government does this represent?

Republic. APEX

Can a government truly represent all its citizens?

No, because they are worrying about other stuff.

Role of consul in foreign relations?

An official appointed by a government to live in a foreign city and protect and promote the government's citizens and interests there

Who could vote in the representative government?

american citizens