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Q: Which of these protects American citizens from the power of the federal government?
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What department of federal government protects a citizens civil rights?

The supreme court and executive branch share this job

The Fifth Amendment protects people from the federal government?

The Fifth Amendment protects people from the federal government.

Which department of the Federal government protects a citizens civil rights?

they eat bananas while riding velociraptors on the tuba playing elephant

Which 3 levels of government do American citizens choose representatives?

Well, the three levels of government for which American citizens choose reprisenitives are:President,governer,Mayor.

How does the Federal Government often attempt to lessen the economic hardship for American citizens?

eliminate unemolyment

The American government is designed as a monarchy?

The American Government is set up as a Federal Republic. Meaning that each state has control of it's citizens, roads, etc. (at least in theory) but it answers to the Federal Government which is considered to be the supreme law of the land.

Is there a federal law that protects senior citizens against assault and battery?


What is this headline an example of?

a conflict caused by state laws that give citizens rights the federal government does not grant

What an example of a written law?

An example of a written law is the U.S. Constitution, which establishes the framework of the federal government, outlines the powers of each branch, and protects the fundamental rights of citizens.

What level of government can tax citizens?

federal and state.

What was the effect of the Watergate scandal on the way American citizens viewed the federal government?

what was watergetes impact on the goverment?

What amendment protects the federal government from being sued?

There isn't one.