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They were divided because they were made to choose a side and they ended up fighting on different sides. Its not because of slavery because i dont even think they even knew about slavery so that would be the civil war.

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Q: How were Native Americans divided by the Revolutionary War?
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How were Native Americans divided in the revolutionary war?

Native Americans were divided by the 5 tribes. You can remember the 5 tribes by COSMO. C-Cayuga O-Onida S-Seneca M-Mohawk and O-Onondaga.

What side did the native Americans choose during the revolutionary war?


Who played a bigger part in the revolutionary war native Americans women or African Americans?

African Americans

Who gave information to the British in the Revolutionary War?

Native Americans helped the British during the war.

What motives led native Americans to fight for the British in the revolutionary war?


Where were the majority of Americans during the Revolutionary War?

Equally divided over who to support.

Who was the native Americans chief that served as a British army officer during the revolutionary war?

Joseph Brant was the Native American chief that served as a British army officer during the Revolutionary War.

Who did most native Americans and African Americans support in the Revolutionary War?

British who promised back ancestrial land and freedom

What date did the Native Americans join the American revolutionary war?

They joined in 2010 Y@Y

Why did native Americans side with great Britain during the revolutionary war?

Because the British armed them :)

How might Colonial America have been different if the Native Americans had united against the colonists?

If Native Americans had not united with the colonies then the colonists might have lost the Revolutionary War.

How did the revolutionary war impact Native American?

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