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Q: How were southern states governed during reconstruction?
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Why were new state constitutions successful during reconstruction?

The New State Constitution was successful during Reconstruction. It made the southern states write new laws that outlawed slavery. former slaves feared less of the southern states.

What did southern states use to limit civil rights during reconstruction?

the black codes

What did many Southern States used to limit right during Reconstruction?

black codes

What did many southern states do to limit civil rights during reconstruction?

Black Codes

What did many southern states use limit civil rights during reconstruction?

the black codes

Process whereby southern states were readmitted into the union?


How were the southern states run during the early part of reconstruction?

It basically sucked slaves basically were not free.

Republican governments in the southern states during reconstruction were unpopular because?

African Americans remained disenfranchised

How did congress make certain that southern states followed laws of reconstruction?

such monkey balls......

How did the end of the Civil War and Reconstruction impact the representation of the South in Congress?

Representation of the South increased because more Southern states were created during Reconstruction.

The period following the Civil War during which the U.S. government worked to reunite the nation and to rebuild the southern states?


Which were the two southern states with the largest number of African Americans serving in state during reconstruction?

Mississippi and South Carolina