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What articles? If Articles of Confederation then yes with a sort of attached to it.

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Q: How were the articles changed?
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Why was the articles of confediration changed?

it was changed because of congress

Should the Articles of Confederation be changed?


How has technology changed over the last 5 years articles?

How has technology changed in the last 5 years articles This doesnt help u now does it :)

What was the name of the meeting that changed the articles of confederation to the constitution?

constitutional convention

Where were the Articles of Confederation changed?

That was the constitutional convention at the Philadelphia state house.

Why did the Americans want the articles of confederation changed?

The Articles of Confederation were weak and did not even give a semi-strong Government.

How did the articles of confederation changed the colonists minds about the role of central government?

How did the Articles of Confederation change the colonist minds about role of a centeral government

That the Articles of Confederation needed to be changed?

Yes because they were weak and they weren't working

What was the main reasons for changing the articles of confederation?

They change it to Constitutional Convention because Articles of Confederation was to weak.

Why did people want the Articles of Confederation changed?

Look it up in your book , dont use this.

Why did the article confederation need to be changed?

The Articles of Confederation needed to be changed because they weren't working well for the new nation and they had a lot of new things they needed to add on to it, so the Founders decided to abolish the Articles and create a whole new constitution.

What needed to happen before the articles of confederation could be changed?

the people needed a strong country