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Q: How were the confederates punished?
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When was The Confederates created?

The Confederates was created in 1953.

What is the Past participle of punished?

The past participle of "punished" is "punished."

What is the future tense of the word punished?

The future tense of the word punished is 'will have punished'.

Which side began the war between confederates and the north?

The Confederates

What were Nicknames of the soldiers of the confederates?

Confederates, grays, rebs, rebels

When was Confederates - novel - created?

Confederates - novel - was created in 1979.

What is the ISBN of Confederates novel?

The ISBN of Confederates - novel - is 0002221411.

What is the ISBN of Confederates in the Attic?

The ISBN of Confederates in the Attic is 067975833X.

How does it affect our life if Abraham Lincoln wasn't President?

no gettysburg address, perhaps the south takes control of the union, slavery is still allowed, the confederates may have been punished for abandoning their country. Instead, Lincoln let them off the hook, and reunited them ASAP

What were the radical Republicans goals for Reconstruction?

Radical Republicans believed black people were entitled to the same rights as everyone else, and believed the Confederates should be punished for going to war with their country. They also wanted to keep Republicans in power in both the North and the South.

What does punished for your beliefs means?

If you get punished for your beliefs, you are getting punished for what you believe in. eg. In roman times, people would get punished for being christian

Why was it important for the confederates states to blockade confederates?

To stop aid from Europe.