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Q: How widespread was intolerance in American in the 1920s?
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Did the children in the 1920s where school uniforms?

In the 1920s, it was not common for children in the United States to wear uniforms to school. School uniforms did not become widespread in American schools until later in the 20th century.

Which events of the 1920s was most inconsistent with the racial and ethnic intolerance of the decade?

harlem renaissance

When was mechanical kneading introduced?

The practice was introduced in the 1920s and had gained widespread acceptance by the 1950s

What would not have been considered a fad of the 1920s?

An automobile or a telephone were both becoming widespread during the 1920s, not just a passing fad.

How does this title the roaring twenties fit with the great depression?

The 1920s was called various names such as "The Jazz Age," the Age of Intolerance," and the "Age of Nonsense."

When did Americans start eating hamburgers?

Created in the late 1800s, hamburgers began to become widespread in the early 1920s.

What product was the backbone of American economy in 1920s?


When was the style of American blues developed?

1920s-1930s *

The most widespread Native American groups of the American West were?

The Plains Indians.

Which American author was part of the Harlem renaissance of the 1920s?

Langston Hughes was a prominent American author who was part of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s. His poetry and writing celebrated African American culture and advocated for social justice.

What heritage grew out of jazz music in the 1920s?

native american

How Did Change In Technology In The 1920s Influence American Life?