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Well the nations the fell under communism in the late 40's were Romania, Bulgaria, East Germany , Czechoslovakia , Hungary, Yugoslavia (Serbia, Macedon ,Croatia, Bosnia , Slovenia ,and Kosovo ) Albania and Poland.

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Q: Identify all nations of Europe that fell to communist rule during the late 1940s?
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List three nations during the cold war that were divided into communist and noncommunist parts?

Three nations divided into communist and non-communist were Germany, Korea and Vietnam(until it became completely communist)

Why was the communist takeover in China of concern to Western nations?

As a communist nation, China became part of the global communist alliance lead by the USSR. Western nations were in conflict with the communist bloc during the Cold War.

What does the democratic nations have to do with the iron curtain?

The Iron Curtain refers to the separation between the communist and the democratic nations during the Cold war in Europe. Today the term is now irrelevant. Winston Churchill coined the term "Iron Curtain."

What two nations in the 1950's did the soviets support in Europe?

The Soviet Union supported much more than two nations. Seven European nations were Soviet client nations under Communist rule during the Fifties: East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romenia, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Albania.

What were two nations that communist aggression failed in during the cold war?

Cuba and Afganistan.

What three nations that became Communist during the Cold War?

Soviet Union, China Korea

What was the barrier that isolated communist countries during the cold war?

If you're referring to the barrier that separated communist countries in Europe from non-communist countries, the answer is the Berlin Wall.

Why did Europe divide into two?

Europe was divided into two opposing sides during the Cold War. Here, Western Europe was democratic and Eastern Europe was communist.

What nations were allies of North Korea before and during the Korean War?

communist china and soviet union

What countries were anti-communist during th cold war?

US and all of western europe

How did the Iron Curtain divide Europe?

Yes, the term "iron curtain" was coined during the cold war to describe the division between the Communist Soviet Union and the rest of Europe.

Do you think we have benefited from our relations with the United Nations?

Certainly, they helped stop the Communist advance during the Korean War.