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No. The US Supreme Court is the final court of appeal; if they deny your case, the decision of the lower court stands. There is no other avenue of appeal.

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Q: If the US Supreme Court denies your case is there another court to appeal to?
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What does certiorari denied mean?

When an application (or appeal of some case in a lower court) to the Supreme Court is denied, it is called certiorari denied. In fact, it means that the Supreme Court refuses to accept the application or appeal and will not judge on it

Why is the supreme court called the court of last resort?

The term "court of last resort" generally refers to the Supreme Court (in the USA) or the highest court in the land (in other countries). This nickname applies because you cannot appeal any higher than the Supreme Court. It's literally your last resort - your last option for having the outcome of your case changed. If the Supreme Court turns down your appeal or decides against you, there is no higher court to which you can appeal.

What are the courts in order from highest to lowest?

Privy Council Appeal Courts Commissioner Court Supreme Court Magistrate Court Juvenille Court

What is the US Supreme Court's most important function with regard to the lower courts?

The US Supreme Court serves as the final court of appeal

Who can attend the Supreme Court hearing?

A plaintiff or defendant in a federal court case (or in a state court case where a Federal Constitutional issue is in dispute ) who wants to appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States may ask for a writ of certiorari. The U.S. Supreme Court is obligated to take certain cases on appeal (for example, capital murder cases) but has discretion to take or not take certain others. The writ of certiorari is the Supreme Court's written agreement to take one of those discretionary cases on appeal.

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Can you appeal the supreme court of Canada?

You can appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada from a lower court, but you cannot appeal a decision made by the Supreme Court

Is the supreme court is the final court of appeal in the US?

The Supreme Court might be the final court of appeal in the United States. But, it has happened in some situations where the Supreme Court has told a state that they can deal with an appeal if the Federal court is not the right jurisdiction.

How does a case on appeal reach a supreme court?

A case on appeal reaches the supreme court if the judges below them cant handle it or that case specifically but it is very hard to get a case on appeal in the supreme court

When was Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa created?

Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa was created in 1910.

Who do you appeal to After court of appeals and how long do you have?

The Supreme court

How do you get in the UK Supreme Court?

In most cases, to bring an appeal to The Supreme Court, you must first apply to the court which handed down the judgment to ask for permission to appeal

What is the name of the federal court of final appeal?

Supreme Court

If the supreme court does not rule on an appeal case what is the result?

The decision then remains what it was when appealed to the Supreme Court.

Why does the US Supreme Court exercise considerable discretion in deciding which cases to review?

So many cases are appealed to the US Supreme Court that if it had mandatory appellate jurisdiction, its workload would be impossible to manage. In addition, the Supreme Court has the ability to permit lower court decisions to stand without actually hearing them on appeal. It does this by denying the request to be heard when it denies the "writ of certiorari". This has the effect of allowing the lower court opinion to stand unchanged just as if it had heard the appeal and ruled that the lower court decision was correct.

Who goes to the Supreme Court in New Zealand?

All cases that are appealed from the Court of Appeal go to the Supreme Court. First you must seek leave (permission) of the court to make your appeal, however.

If the Maryland court of appeals denies an appeal what is the next higher court to appeal to?

The Maryland Court of Appeals is the highest court in the state and has the final say on appeals. If they deny your appeal, that is the end of your case, unless the case involves a preserved federal question (a question regarding federal law, treaties, or the US Constitution that has been raised at trial and each appellate level). Such cases may be appealed to the US Supreme Court.

Can the US Supreme Court deny a petition for a Writ of Certiorari?

Yes. Due to the volume of petitions, the Supreme Court denies 98-99% of them.