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Q: If we omit the chance for a new government now massanello may sweep away the liberties of the continent like a deluge?
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In government why can't you hold two positions at once?

Government cannot hold two positions at once for one reason. The reason that government cannot not hold two positions at once is so everyone will have a chance at term.

What is the US government governed by?

The US Government is governed by the people. While the government send down laws to the people, and essentially run the country, the citizens of the USA can get rid of those who are not upholding the views of the public. The people govern the government because it is the people that keep the government in check, somewhat. Very often, politicians chance their votes due to what their constituents want.

What was Jackson's principle of rotation in office referred to as?

Jack Daniels^ its NOT that, whoever put thatits the spoils systemIt refers to the spoils system but the PRINCIPLE behind it was to replace federal bureaucratic appointees as each new administration took power to give as many citizens as possible a chance to participate in their government.

Do federal mandates run counter to the idea that states are important incubators of public policy?

I definitely do not think federal mandates mean to run counter to the public policies that the states incubate, but they must at times. The federal government must deliver mandates in order to meet the minimum standards of our goal. If the federal government were not to enforce these mandates the states would have a chance to do whatever they wanted and there would be some pretty severe downfalls from this. The government only wants to ensure our safety, education, sound government. I used an example about education in one of my writings. The federal government must ensure that our children in every state is equally educated by equally educated instructors and/or teachers. This is so important to the future of our nation. There will always be some states that will complain or try to buck the system but that is why there is a minimum standard.

What do the five government accounting office standards regard?

1. Girls rule 2. Girls are soo much better than boys. 3. A girl can do so much if you gave her the chance. 4. Boys play, girls win! 5. Remember, girls have some tricks up their sleeve...

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If we omit the chance for a new government now . . . Massanello . . . may sweep away the liberties of the continent like a deluge. What kind of figurative language does Thomas Paine use here?


What kind of figurative language is thomas Paine use here?

i dont know the answer

The government is justified in suppressing civil liberties during wartime?

This question has troubled humans since the Antiquity. Governments say yes, but citizens say no. At the end of the day, I believe that in wartime situations, certain civil liberties can be suppressed. The government has the duty to protect the well-being of all its citizens, and if the lives of millions are at stake, and the best chance at saving those lives are suppressing certain rights, than I feel the government is just in doing so.But it is important that once the immediate danger is past, liberties are restored. And if the government cannot do that in a timely matter, they are failing as a government and should be abolished, and a new government should be established. As the book 1984 showed, by keeping people in perpetual fear, the government can quash all civil liberties.

What would happen if congress were to suspend habeas corpus?

All civil liberties are curtailed under emergency powers granted to the President. Essentially, the President becomes a dictator expressing his power through the use of the executive branch of government.

Does the bengal tiger live in the madagascar?

No. Wrong continent, Tigers are only naturally found on the Asian continent. But of course, there's always a chance that there's one at a zoo.

Advantage of democratic government?

Stability and not much chance for revolt are advantages of a democratic government.

Which continent is the only one without tornadoes?

Tornadoes have been observed and documented on every continent except Antarctica.Since tornadoes require thunderstorms and the conditions in Antarctica pretty much prevent that there is little chance of a tornado in Antarctica.

What is the chance of big cats in Australia?

I have heard that there are supposedly big cats roaming Australia, as in Victoria, and that they are not native to the continent. But other than that I have no clue.

What has the author Roger Chance written?

Roger Chance has written: 'Until philosophers are Kings' -- subject(s): Contributions in political science, Politics and government, State, The, The State

What is the definition of arbitrary?

Arbitrary Government is a government that is put into place without choice or allowance from the people they govern. This government has the power to judge without a rule and govern everything the people are involved in.

Why do you vote in Australia?

It gives the ordinary man in the street the chance to throw out people in the government that they no longer have confidence in.

What do you think about McCain?

McCain is a hero who did all for his nation in combat and in government. It was a privilege for the nation to have a chance to vote for him.