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Q: In 1787 what was representatives salary?
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What is the salary of Representatives?

they make $169,000.00

When the representatives of the American states met in Philadelphia in 1787 what did they write?

The US Constitution.

Representatives from the states met to write new constitution in?

Philadelphia in the summer of 1787.

Who were the Georgia's representatives to the constitution convention of 1787.?

The names of the representatives were: Abraham Baldwin, William Few, William Houstoun and William Pierce.

What is the Texas House of Representatives whole salary?


What is the salary of a member of congress is?

$158,000 for senators and representatives.

What is the salary of a members of congress?

$158,000 for senators and representatives.

What is California's senator's annual salary?

state senators and representatives are paid an annual salary of $110,880

Salary of the representatives?

the salary of a Representative was 169,ooo but now it changed to 174,000 and this is answered by a 12 year old

What is the salary of a representative determined by?

Congress has the power to determine the salaries of representatives.

Who pays the senators and representatives?

the us government and their salary is set by the law

How much do house representatives get paid in Wyoming?

The 2011 Salary is $174,000$