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I believe it is the House of Representatives. If not it's the Senate.

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Neither the house of representatives nor the senate

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Q: Who cannot hold other government jobs or receive salary from other government jobs?
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Which House for the constitution cannot hold other government jobs or receive salary for other government jobs?


What is the non salary compensation for members of congress?

Franking privileges - sending mail at the government's expense Health care - receive the same health care that is available to all other government employees Transportation - free transportation Tax breaks - ability to claim two primary residences Cannot be stopped on way to/from congressional meetings

What judges receive a salary of 400000?

Generally, federal judges in the United States, including Supreme Court Justices and other appellate and district court judges, receive an annual salary of around $220,000. It is uncommon for judges to receive a salary as high as $400,000, which is above the typical salary range for judges.

Do judges get a salary?

Yes, judges receive a salary for their work. Their salaries are determined by the level of court they preside over, their experience, and other factors.

Can bloodtype A receive any other bloodtype?

Blood type A can receive blood from individuals with blood types A and O. However, it is safest to receive blood from donors with the same blood type (A) to minimize the risk of adverse reactions.

Can House of Representatives hold other government jobs or receive other government salarys?

no they can not and neither can the senate.

What does the term PAYE mean to persons who work in the United Kingdom?

PAYE is pay as you earn. Tax and other stoppages are taken from your wages/salary before you receive your income in advance for the tax you are required to pay the government.

What is salary of LDC in central government?

basic salary 5200+grade pay 1900 and other allowanceFrom 5200-20200+1900

How did central government receive money?

other states

What honor did Columbus receive from the Spanish government?

money and other riches

Are the Lords paid for their work in the House of Lords?

Members of house of lords who hold ministerial appointments or are officer holder receive a monthly salary. Other members do not receive a salary but can claim allowances per sitting for the days they attend session of the house or meeting of committees .

Does any government employee make more than president'?

No- not from a government salary. Some may earn a higher total from other sources of income.