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The US 5 cent coin (a nickel). That is his home- Monticello- on the back.

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Q: In American money which coin shows Thomas Jefferson?
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What was Thomas Jefferson's favorite TV shows to watch?

the Jefferson

Which coin shows the third US president?

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd US President and his likeness has appeared on the Jefferson nickel since 1938. Thomas Jefferson also appears on the 2007 Thomas Jefferson Dollar coin in the Presidential Series. Thomas Jefferson also appears on the 1976 Thomas Jefferson Bicentennial Silver Medal. Thomas Jefferson also appears on the 1993 Thomas Jefferson 250th Anniversary Silver Dollar. Thomas Jefferson has also appeared on the US $2 bill since 1918.

Which coin shows the third President of the US?

Thomas Jefferson is pictured on the US Nickel.

What was Thomas Jefferson view on government?

Thomas Jefferson's views on federal government were that there should be a weak central government and power to the states. This also shows his continuing support of the Articles of Confederation.

How does thomas Jefferson show that he is smart?

He shows that he is smart because he helped write the declaration of independence.

What picture or photo is on the 2.00 bill?

On the US $2, the front shows a portrait of Thomas Jefferson.

What is the name of the person that is on a nickel?

Jefferson If you mean the one dated 2005, it is Thomas Jefferson. The ones made from 1913 to 1938 have a composite portrait representing an American Indian. At least 3 men posed for the artist, James E. Frazer, but he did not create an exact portrait of any of them.

Whose picture is on a US nickel?

Thomas Jefferson's image is on the current US five cent piece. He has been the face of the US nickel since 1938. The portrait on the front of the US nickel is that of Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the United States.

What is on each side of a nickel?

On the obverse (heads) side is an image of President Thomas Jefferson, and the reverse (tails) shows his home Monticello.

What president is on the back of the two dollar bill?

The 1976 $2 bill shows the signing of the declaration of independence and Thomas Jefferson is in the center of the picture.

What is on the front and back of a US 2 dollar bill?

The front has a portrait of President Thomas Jefferson Up to 1963, the back has a picture of Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello. 1976 and later: the back shows a partial reproduction of John Trumbull's famous painting depicting the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

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