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Threats to lifes,guards,fright, and changing the rules(the person next to you wrote this)

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Q: In Animal Farm what methods did Napoleon use to maintain control over the people?
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What two hardships did Napoleon warn the workers of in Animal Farm?

Napoleon warned the workers of the two hardships of overwork and hunger on Animal Farm. He used these threats to keep the animals in line and maintain control over them.

How much control does napoleon have in animal farm?

they act kind of hyper

Who represents Stalin's Blood Purges in the book animal farm?

The dogs that are under Napoleon's control.

What is the significance of the poem about napoleon animal farm?

The poem about Napoleon in George Orwell's "Animal Farm" symbolizes the propaganda used by dictators to manipulate and control the masses. It highlights how leaders can distort the truth to maintain power and influence public opinion. The poem serves as a commentary on the dangers of blind loyalty and the manipulation of language for political gain.

What did napoleon do with the puppies in Animal Farm?

Napoleon took the puppies and trained them to be his secret police. Just as Stalin did with the KGB police to control Russia.

Why do you think napoleon isolates these animals in Animal Farm?

Napoleon isolates certain animals because he wants to be in control and have all the power. These animals are starting trouble and trying to make it so he has no control or power.

What animal was Napoleon in Animal Farm?

Napoleon was a boar (pig)

Is animal farm a novel?

Animal Farm is an allegory of the Bolshevik Revolution and Soviet communism. The plot is based on the Dystopia that was created by Napoleon after he assumed control.

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Controlling harmful animals is difficult as they are typically wild and rely on their natural animal instincts to survive. The best kind of control is one that you have over the animal that will keep yourself safe. Animal control has devices that they can use to keep a safe distance and maintain control over the animal.

What propaganda is being spread on the farm in chapter 7?

In Chapter 7 of "Animal Farm," propaganda is being spread to discredit Snowball by portraying him as a traitor and enemy of the farm. Squealer uses manipulation and lies to convince the animals that Snowball was responsible for all their problems and that Napoleon is their true leader. These tactics are used to maintain Napoleon's power and control over the farm.

What insights did napoleans character gain in animal farm?

Napoleon, the pig in "Animal Farm" by George Orwell, gains insights about power and control through his manipulation and tyranny over the other animals. He learns how to use fear and propaganda to maintain his authority and exploit the other animals for his own benefit. Ultimately, Napoleon's character shows the corruption and abuse of power that can occur when individuals prioritize their own interests over the well-being of others.

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