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Q: In The Whipping Boy what do the highwaymen mean Not much of a catch-two sparrows?
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Why did highwaymen become highwaymen?

The word highwayman is first attested from the year 1617. The term "highwayman" is mainly applied to robbers who traveled on a horse, as opposed to those who robbed on foot (foot-pads). Mounted robbers were widely considered to be socially superior to foot-pads.

Were disobediant slaves ever killed by whipping?

Yes, some disobedient slaves were killed by excessive whipping. This, however, was not the case for all slaves and masters. While there were surely some mean owners, most of them treated their slaves fairly. This is because they knew how important the slaves were to their economy.

What does it mean when a presidential elect has more than 350 electoral votes?

one needs to get 270 electoral votes to become president. over 300 is considered a solid beating. over 325 is an old fashioned whipping. to get 350 means that so many states support this president that he or she should feel it's a mandate, which means we trust you to do just about anything you want to our country.

What does Tennessee mean?

doesit mean anything It is believed to mean: The Bends Place.

What is the trem mean mean?

There are three that I'm aware of: 1) mean - rude/unpleasant/unkind, saying words or committing actions that will intentionally hurt (physically, mentally, emotionally, or otherwise) the well-being of another, without reason or need. 2) mean - the definition or explanation of a concept (i.e., "what does that mean?"), or the intention ("what do you mean", "what do you mean to say", "did you mean to do that") 3) mean - an average, such as the "arithmetic mean". You add up the collection of numbers you have to get a total, then divide by the amount of individual numbers you had (for instance, if you have 4 numbers - for example 2, 3, 5, and 6, you add those 4 numbers to get 16, then divide the total by 4 since you had 4 numbers; the average, or "mean" is 4). What do you mean what does mean mean? Are you like, teasing us? Are you being mean? There is much to ponder and always when we ask, it's always the same, we ask in all earnestness, what does it mean? Do you know what I mean? I wonder if the average Joe knows what I mean, not that average Joe's don't ponder and ask what does it mean, I'm just saying that if you take all the average Joe's and look at them as a whole, how many of them do you really think will know what I mean? I mean, let's be honest here, I don't even know what I mean, do you know what I mean? What does mean mean? Ha! What does does do? What is what? Is is an is? What does mean mean, indeed!

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Sparrows flying down mean?

you meet your soulmate

Why are highwaymen romantic?

They weren't they were actually ruthless. They caused much bloodshed. The image of highwaymen being romantic was potrayed through poetry and stories. However it doesn't mean it was truthful.

What does water whipping mean?

that means you cook crack cocaine

What does whipping cream divided mean?

it means like if it says "2 cups whipping cream divided" to have one cup seperated from the other, and not both cups together

What does 'sparrow's fart' mean?

"Sparrow's fart" is a slang term that refers to very early in the morning, typically before dawn when it is still dark. It is used humorously to describe a very early start to the day.

What does rouges mean on feudalisim 2?

no i know and I am not a geek they are wandering highwaymen/bandits/theifs that they needyou to exterminat in exchange for $$$$$$$$$ moneeey!

What do four sparrow tattoos symbolize?

the four sparrows mean a family of two adults and two children

What does it mean if you free 2 trapped sparrows?

It means you are a good person..Nothing less, nothing more.

Are the jack sparrows real in parties of the Caribbean?

If you mean the several Jacks in the third film, that was all imaginary

What does whipping it mean?

That's when someone holds a pistol backwards and hits you across the face or the head with the handle.

What does few thing moved more than their encounter with the sparrows mean?

It means that few thing is moving faster than the encounter and the sparrow

What does to whip severely mean?

Some people are into bondage and like to be tied up and whipped. On the other side, there are people that like to do the whipping.